App marketing tips for black Friday & cyber Monday

The holiday season is almost here. And as app marketers, we have to get ready before the storm.

The discount days are eagerly awaited by shopping enthusiasts.”Black Friday”, which has been accepted as the beginning of the New Year’s shopping season since 1932, first started in the USA. In the shopping festival, which then spread all over the world after Canada and England, the discount rates can sometimes exceed 90 percent. In the USA, special for Friday, the stores open their doors at 05:00 and keep them open until late hours. As the times change, Black Friday moved into the mobile world. This year, Black Friday discounts will start on 27 November 2020 and will continue for a few days.

Another shopping day, Cyber ​​Monday has become a tradition around the world since 2015. On Cyber ​​Monday, which is only valid for online shopping, companies provide discounts that start at the same time in all online channels where brands serve. Cyber ​​Monday discounts, which take place on the first Monday after Black Friday in November every year, coincided with November 30 this year.

They are the biggest marketing events in the world but don’t get discouraged and think it’s going to be impossible to compete. In this blog post, we’re going to walk you through precisely what you should do to get your Black Friday mobile marketing and Cyber Monday mobile marketing off to a great start and especially, how to do it at the right time. Let’s start by listing our suggestions and go over them one by one discussing how to implement them in your app marketing strategy.

  • Create Different Campaigns for Each Event
  • Be Ready With Lots of Ad Creatives
  • Get Revenue From Your Existing Users
  • Keep A Close Watch On Performance
  • Compare Acquisition Cost and LTV With Other Times of Year

Create Different Campaigns for Each Event

Don’t remember these two days are separate holidays and may appeal to different target groups.  Black Friday tips and Cyber Monday tips for mobile apps may be similar but make sure you plan different creatives for each holiday.

These are two huge markets: Total sales hit $9.4 billion on 2019 Cyber Monday— nearly 19% higher from a $7.9 billion haul last year, and customers spent $7.4 billion (online) on 2019 Black Friday, which was an increase of $1.2 billion over the year before.

Be Ready With Lots of Ad Creatives

There is a good chance people are going to stumble upon your ad several times in those days. Not to bore your potential customers, you have to develop lots of ad creatives and use them in rotation. Especially if you have a shopping app. Seeing new designs and messages will keep your users’ interest fresh and will make them more engaged. If you are not sure if that much effort is necessary check out the most important metrics of the holiday season and some other tips by clicking here.

study by 2019 stated that internet users are spending an average of 2 hours and 22 minutes per day on social networking platforms. From a marketer’s perspective, that’s a huge amount of time to reach and attract them. However, you have about 5 seconds of that time to get the user’s attention. If your ad material doesn’t excite them to stick around to see more, it’s game over. So, we have to repeat: Invest in your ad creatives! Of course, it’s easier said than done. You can check out Tips And Examples To Develop Mobile App Advertisements That Don’t Annoy to attract and hold user’s attention.

Also, more alternatives mean more testing. See their effect on people and move forward with the best ones. We will discuss how to pay close attention to your ads and make necessary changes later in the article.

Get Revenue From Your Existing Users

The cost of acquiring a new customer is 6 times higher than the cost of retaining the old customer. If that’s not enough, here are a few more statistics that will shift your focus to your existing users:

65% of a firm’s sales come from existing customers. (Small Business Trends)

Existing customers are 50% more likely to try out a firm’s new products. (Neil Patel)

The probability of getting a prospective customer to buy products from a company for the first time is only 5% to 20%, whereas the probability of selling to an existing customer is 60% to 70%! (Neil Patel)

But how are you going to entertain your existing shopping apps’ user base on Black Friday and Cyber Monday? You can use push notifications, email, and retargeting campaigns to let them know the special deals you prepared for them, your holiday pricing, and new features. You can also give incentives to users who are willing to pay in advance with discounts on subscriptions.

Black Friday tips for mobile apps usually are about how to gain new users but even a small increase in the percentage of loyal customers will result in high profitability for the firm. Meaning you can’t afford to ignore the value of your current users.

Compare Acquisition Cost and LTV With Other Times of Year

Mobile marketing during Black Friday and Cyber Monday brings heat to your business, that’s for sure. But it’s also more costly than marketing on regular days. You have to assess the cost and overall return to make long-term decisions. Check if the increase in your costs come with a higher customer lifetime value (LTV). If this holiday action brings high-value users that continue to generate revenue after the holiday ends, that’s perfect. But if you don’t see a higher in-app-purchase conversion rate or higher LTV from your Cyber Monday and Black Friday customers, you have to plan your next year’s plan carefully and think cautiously about investing greatly in next year’s holiday season.


Mobile app marketing is never easy but using these Cyber Monday and Black Friday tips for mobile apps, you can achieve your goals more methodically than before. If you are in search of more holiday tips for mobile app marketing, do not go anywhere and read Creative App Marketing Tips For Holidays!
by Christina Talley
source: AppSamurai