How to boost app downloads with facebook ads

In the era of social media, Facebook has taken over as a leading platform for advertising. Whether you are running an ad campaign or just want to build up your brand’s reach, it can do this all for you.

Facebook is excellent to get in touch with the relevant audience, but you can also use it to get customers to your Google Play and Apple App Store listings. Why? Because many Facebook users use the network through a mobile device.

According to a study, around 95% of the 2.7 billion users access Facebook on their mobile devices. This means that Facebook offers easy access to the audience who are already using the correct device.

Furthermore, Facebook has various analytics that you can use to track ad clicks but also monitor actual app events. This allows you to track mobile app installs and in-app purchases. For example, you can monitor how much ad clicks are costing and how much you will have spent on ads to achieve the targeted app sales.

In short, Facebook can boost your app downloads if you know how to do this through ads. And if you don’t, we will show you that below.

In this read, we will cover:

  • Register your mobile app with Facebook
  • Boost App Downloads with Facebook Ads
  • Target and Give Priority to Your Existing Customers
  • Focus on Lookalike Targeting for Cold Audiences
  • Divisions of Audience
  • Show Pictures and Videos of Your App
  • Place the Right CTA Buttons
  • Promote Referral Programs for Your App
  • Native advertising to boost app downloads and installs
  • Final Thoughts

Register Your Mobile App with Facebook 

Before we move forward and dive into how to use Facebook Ads Manager to boost app downloads, you need to set up your mobile app install campaign. Then you will have to sign up as an app developer on Facebook.

However, if you are an owner and not a developer, share this information and instructional link with your app developer so that they can get everything ready in the App Dashboard.

Here, we will also advise you to register your app and then install your iOS Software Development Kit or SDK for your Android SDK. Next, you will have to add any app events that are vital for your objectives and business and more.

When installing the SDK, we will recommend you to pay attention to it and understand the concept behind this handy feature. Moreover, installing SDK is optional, but it is highly recommended, especially when you want to boost app install. The tool has everything that you need to monitor the campaign’s process. Plus, it offers a higher level of tracking and ad targeting. Hence you will get plenty of useful insights.

As advertisers, the more you can get, the better it will be as you can utilize the available info for various purposes and to make informed decisions. Facebook also allows you to build or create a custom audience and optimize your app campaigns.

Apart from it, adding app events is optional as well, but we advise setting these up as they are helpful for an app install, app launch, in-app purchase, etc. By doing so, you can serve your ads in a much better way to your audience.

Boost App Downloads with Facebook Ads

Now, if you are sure that you have completed all these tasks properly, you can use these simple and effective methods to boost app downloads with Facebook Ads. Keep in mind that these methods and hacks are simple, but you have to be extremely vigilant and careful.

Plus, ensure that your new app has all the bells and whistles so that users can use and download it happily. Let’s get started:

Target and Give Priority to Your Existing Customers

If you want to get the desired results or a high number of app downloads with the Facebook ads while running the marketing and advertising campaign, you need to target the right, and the relevant audience is key to your success. Think from your user’s perspective that are downloading your mobile app, and you will know the answer.

To boost the rate of app downloads, we will advise you to categorize your customers according to different factors such as age, location, gender, interest, language, and interests. It would be best if you got skills on the all-tablet devices.

However, this categorization of users mainly depends on your business, its functionality, and your aims and targets.

In this case, your existing customers need your priority in the first place. We will advise you to compile a list of the customers who have been working with you or bought something from you in the past few weeks or months.

Then, use the custom audience feature available on your ad to demonstrate your new mobile app ads to the users inside your list. Depending on your business’s type, you can adjust the customization of your ad as per your audience.

In addition to this, you can easily choose a new target audience and approach those customers who are not currently in your funnel or have not bought from you in recent weeks.

Perhaps they are using other services, have stopped purchasing from you, or preferring other brands because you did not have a mobile app to facilitate them and their access to you. Therefore, you need to show them your creation, and when they realize that you have created a mobile app, the chances are that they will come back to you.

Focus on Lookalike Targeting for Cold Audiences

Lookalike audiences are your safest bet for most marketing campaigns, especially when you want to reach out to the cold audience or users who have never heard of you or your app.

Furthermore, you can also reach out to users who are demographically the same as your specific audiences. Hence, we will recommend focusing on relevant audiences, giving you business, and who use the app regularly.

In order to do this, you need to set up and use Facebook’s SDK with your mobile app. This will works like the site tracking pixel, but for mobile apps. It helps you in your retargeting campaigns and enables you to approach lookalike audiences by anonymously tracking whether they are using your app or not. Through this tool, you can also track how they are using your mobile app.

Moreover, you can build lookalike audiences from those users who are just engaging with your mobile app on a regular basis. It also means that your app is valuable to them.

Besides, if you are working to reach consumers who are most likely to pick in-app purchases, you can also design a campaign retargeting those who have opted for in-app purchases in the past.

In this regard, we will advise you to look at a tracking app known as MileIQ. Below we will show a detailed example using the MileIQ app. The app allows users to track the miles that they drive daily, and you can also use it to track business miles or the expenses on your taxes. The app’s free version can only track 40 drives in one month.

That’s enough for households and common users or for the people who work from home. However, for all those folks who are always on the go or travel a lot for business purposes, makers recommend using a premium version of this mobile app.

Now look from MileIQ’s perspective. The business person with a lot of traveling is more valuable as a lookalike audience “model” than the household users when it comes to this particular app.

Divisions of Audience

Audience segments or divisions of your target audience are the key points to boost and improve the correct data with Facebook ads. The correct data about thousands of users gives you a much higher app downloading rate through the Facebook ads in the app marketing campaign.

Moreover, you can use multiple segments of audiences such as geography, user behaviors, and techno-graphic, and in this way, you can enhance the app download rate from Facebook ads.

Audience segments can be interesting to work upon, and data given to you is the gift that forces the audience to download your app with Facebook ads.

Show Pictures and Videos of Your App

On Facebook, most of the users get in touch or are attracted with compelling images and videos while scrolling the news feed.

To boost the app downloads, you need to create attractive and exciting images, links, shorts clicks, and engaging videos that improve the app downloads. In small video footage, you can define all functions of your app with the description.

In the footage, you can also mention how to install the app, its prominent features, and the benefits of the app for users. We will also advise you to design some high-quality and unique images as they bring good results. It will be an excellent mobile app promotional strategy that can significantly improve app downloads.

A right and informative short video relevant to your ad, including the app’s features, gives the user reasons to install and use the app. And it will notably maximize the advertising rate.

Place the Right CTA Buttons

CTA button is a call-to-action button or anything that encourages users to take desired actions. The right CTA can be a game-changer in your app download campaign.

On Facebook, most users get engaged with their friends and family members, simple share by them of your ad can significantly boost the app download. Different factors determine the effectiveness of the CTA button, such as color selection, font style, and size, and other similar factors.

Furthermore, CTA placement also matters a lot, so be careful when using a call to action. CTA buttons can significantly enhance the marketing campaign as well as the mobile app download strategies.

Promote Referral Programs for Your App

To boost the app download with Facebook ads, the referral programs play a significant role. You can promote an app download or advertising campaign by using various referral programs and methods. You can use email marketing to promote and boost app installs.

While sending promotional emails, including social proof, user reviews, and add referral promotions. By using these effective referral program strategies, you can provide smooth access to the users and boost the app download with Facebook ads.

Native Advertising to Boost App Downloads and Installs

Whether you go full-funnel on a single channel or adopt a cross-channel marketing strategy, native advertising is effective for your plans.

As for campaign content, we will advise you to focus on formats that work flawlessly for natives, such as exciting stories, quizzes, questionnaires, infographics, videos, etc. All these content types will help you attract more users while also ensure that your campaign clickers are related enough to convert into your app users.

Furthermore, instead of promoting landing pages that describe your mobile app, provide your audience the reason to get interested in the app. Rather than saying that ‘This Is The Perfect Mobile App for Losing Weight,’ try to say ‘Here’s How This Dad of 2 Lost Weight Using Our App’ and share their real-life stories if possible. Of course, you need to consider your target audience when choosing new campaign content.

Final Thoughts

Businesses have many reasons to create a mobile app. Regardless of the reason, the main goal is to attract more people to your business and generate more revenue and sales.

Therefore, it is necessary to look for a relevant audience that is interested in your mobile app as they are easy to convert into loyal customers. The methods above effectively boost app download with Facebook ads, and these are simple to use but need your attention. Stick to these methods and boost your app downloads in no time.
by Christina Talley
source: AppSamurai