How to improve your app store ranking and stay in the spotlight

When launching an app, planning your business to grow every day is one of the hardest practices. That means boosting your app store ranking by working on some specific strategies.

If you want your app to succeed, you will need to put some effort into mobile app ranking. This RankMyAPP article will show you how. Keep reading.

Why does my app fall from a position?

Before showing you what to analyze, it’s important to remember that the success of your app depends on constant monitoring. If your app has fallen in position, it may be a sign that something is no longer suitable in terms of usability.

In contrast, if your app rises from a position, it is because that may be the perfect term for app optimization. With the monitoring of the report, it is possible to constantly analyze the data and readjust strategy in the ranking.

Therefore, it is essential to continue monitoring, testing and investing in your ASO strategy. Only in this way can you reap the best results.

The importance of ASO

Considering App Store Optimization (ASO) is crucial when talking about app store ranking. You must choose the best keywords, optimize the description, screenshots, photos… Everything that can help in your app ranking.

And don’t think that you have to do the optimization once and it’s enough. Every day, a lot of apps are launched and updated in app stores. So, if you don’t monitor yours, you probably will lose some positions. In this sense, there are some methods that you can use, and simple actions can improve your app downloads. Check below.

A/B Testing

Are you familiar with the expression “don’t judge the book by its cover?”. Everybody still has the first impression of all things. Your app can be great, but if the design, colors, title, or icons are unsightly, the number of conversions will be low.
That’s when you can use A/B tests. With this method, you can compare two different versions of your app.


They will work regularly, part of the public will see one version, and the remaining will see the other. With the app test, it’s possible to measure what icon makes the app more successful and provides more downloads. It is a simple test that helps you decide what is best for your app.

Ratings and reviews

If some users don’t like your app, certainly your rating will be low. You cannot delete negative reviews, but you can analyze the situation and what people are saying about your app every day. One example is google play store ranking.

When answering the reviews, try solving the problem and show you are concerned with user experience. This is a simple attitude that can help change the satisfaction among your users.

How to stay in the spotlight in stores

For an app to stay in the spotlight with its active users, it’s essential to work with in-app retention and engagement strategies, such as push notification actions, and also ensure that users have a great UX (in terms of usability and navigation), ensuring that they will stay active and satisfied.

Since active users of popular apps aren’t the only guarantee of good ranking in stores, you need to do a full in-app analysis to find out what strategies should be adopted and what adjustments need to be made.

Factors such as user interface should be taken into account since they directly influence the user experience. Make sure that the app is working properly, without bugs, and that its interface is intuitive.

Deepen your knowledge about app store ranking

After this overview on app store ranking and practices, you can take to improve your app’s position, deepen your knowledge. By reading RankMyAPP ebook on optimization elements, you can know more about this and other subjects from the mobile universe. Check it out.

source: RankMyApp