How to promote your app-on-app stores

App Store Optimization

For app promotion, App store marketing, and Mobile app SEO play a vital role. This optimizing process gives a high rank to the apps by increasing the searching and through full ads. You can promote your mobile app by using mobile marketing strategies like keep the app installed size small and keep your startup time under around five seconds. 

App Ranking Factors

Higher app store rankings can help enhance your app’s visibility, making your mobile app strategies more interested and increasing the download rate. App ranking factors like app name, title, rating, reviews, subtitles, and keywords increase marketing campaigns and strategies. 

App Store Optimization Strategy

ASO is the most effective marketing strategy for the promotion of the mobile app. The primary method of the ASO is to increase the rate of download and no. of users. A different strategy, like always using high-quality screenshots, Pick the same category and describe your app wisely. All these enhance the rate of mobile apps and improve mobile marketing and strategy. 

Choose Your Keywords Wisely

Collection of the keywords that make your app more interested and maximized the promotion depends upon the best and tricky keywords. During making the keywords, remembers something like the main feature of your app, synonyms, a similar app, and commonly used words. It will push you to think deeply and wisely during giving keywords to your app. 

Choose Name for Your App Wisely

Your app’s correct title increases the marketing campaign and app store optimization rate because the app is what every user sees the first time. Confirm that your app’s name is relevant to your app and easy to read, and different from other apps. If the name’s selection is appealing, exciting, and an eye-catcher, then most people remember it. It will increase the promotion of your app and enhance mobile marketing strategies.

Write Your Description

A good app description gives complete information to the users about the app and its exclusive feature. The narrative is one of the main places where Google searches the keywords for ranking your app. Try to write your keywords in a natural sentence form. It will make an attractive description for the users. 

Rating and Reviews

The central part of the app store is reviews and ratings. If the title Description and timing of the app are correct, then the reviewers’ rate ultimately increases an app get a higher rate. It is considered that about 80% of the people read the review before app downloading then it is necessary to reply to the reviews. Higher quality and helpful reviews give an excellent result to store apps.

Wrap up

An excellent mobile app is a more effortless and informative form for people. On the app store optimization by a good marketing campaign, you can promote your mobile marketing apps readily on the app store by learning mobile marketing strategies by accepting the tricky and challenging way.

by  Christina Talley
source: AppSamurai