Level Up Your App Marketing Strategy At FIFA World Cup 2022

From 20 November to 18 December, nearly half of the world’s population will be paying attention to the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Meanwhile, marketers will be busy competing with one another to create effective campaigns.

Sporting events on such a scale are great opportunities for mobile app targeting because sports fans are typically glued to their mobile devices. As a result, a lot of content related to the World Cup content will be consumed on these devices.

Along with live streaming, which is the first thing coming to mind, other app categories experience boosts during major sporting events:

Some people use sports apps to find out about teams and players during sporting events. Others want to play as their favourite football starts, so gaming apps show an increase in popularity. For food and delivery apps, there is a 20% to 30% increase in orders. Transport and ride-sharing apps also show an increase in usage as people get out and about to watch games.

This article covers tips and tricks app marketers need to know about mobile app marketing during FIFA World Cup 2022.

Wear your app icon and revamp your app store page

People discover apps in various ways: Some people browse the App Store while others do a search, and still, others stumble across through ads. Your goal is to draw your potential user’s attention.

Major sporting events like the World Cup are the best time to polish your app store page.

Make sure your icon, screenshots or videos all fit the World Cup vibe. Let people know if your app can engage them in a World Cup-themed way. Add features that make your app stand out during the World Cup, and show them off on your app store page.

Hayya to Qatar 2022 – App Icon and Screenshots

Remember that you can’t update your metadata by releasing a new app version in the App Store. Consider enough time for the release, and plan accordingly.

Tips: Go MobileAction, and click Creative Asset Hub under ASO Intelligence. Follow the latest trends and history of the screenshots and icons in your app category, and take action, accordingly.

Creative Asset Hub in ASO Intelligence with MobileAction

Make your app visible by updating your keywords

Many users find apps by browsing the app stores, so you can stand out using a World Cup unique icon and a special offer written in the description. However, the majority of app downloads are the results of specific search queries.

If you want your app to rank organically higher in the app stores, you need to publish app updates regularly.

So, if you haven’t recently renewed your app’s description, keywords or app name, now is the time to do it. Use the moment you push new features to your app and prepare your metadata accordingly to boost your organic ranking.

Tips: Here is your complete App Store Optimization (ASO) guide to help you increase the visibility of your app as well as your conversion rates.

Prepare customized in-app purchases

You need to consider updating your app to reflect the season with a goal in mind.

Offer in-app purchases, subscriptions or different benefits specifically for the World Cup and invite users to check it out with a push notification having the World Cup vibe. This way, you will make users curious to open the app and check it out.

Invite people to your app by organizing In-App Events

Now imagine:

You’re looking for the best way to drive more visibility and installs to your app in the App Store during this season. You need a strategy that aligns with your existing user base’s needs for fresh, innovative content and draws in an unreached audience’s interest enough to drive measurable downloads.

Hosting In-App Events during the World Cup would meet these needs well.

eFootball 2023 – In-App Event

For example, you can hold a live streaming or a knowledge contest and offer a free subscription eventually. These are just a few ideas, so brainstorm others about what would be appealing to your target audience.

Tips: Go MobileAction, and click In-App Events under App Intelligence. Look at your competitors’ data and find out:

  • How often and for how long your competitors are running In-App Events.
  • What kind of creatives and visuals they’re using.
  • What kind of events are frequently preferred in your category.
  • How they are shaping their In-App Event strategy for different regions.

Once you have all this information, you can create your own strategy, accordingly.

In-App Events in App Intelligence with MobileAction

Time to kick the ball!

Remember that not only Christmas and New Year but also major events like the World Cup are the best seasons to attract and engage many people worldwide.

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by Hazel Kucuk
source: mobileaction.co