Stay To The Top Of Your Competitors With In-App Events

We proudly announce that with MobileAction you can now track both live and ended in-app events in your category on a single page!

Simply go to App Intelligence and click on the In-App Events. To customize your research, you can filter in-app events by category, country, and date.

What are In-App Events?

They are timely events within the mobile apps and games like competitions, movie premieres, live stream experiences, etc.

In-App Events can be discovered on the App Store by appearing on the product page, search results, and recommendation section in App Store’s Today, Games, and Apps. The metadata for event cards consists of the event name, badge and status, short and long descriptions, and detailed media.

They allow you to promote events within your app and game with demographic targeting, as well. Therefore, they are quite effective for both increasing your visibility on the App Store and engaging with your users.

Why are In-App Events Important?

In-App Events allow you to reach out to both new and existing users as well as those who have previously downloaded your app. Taking this demographic targeting into account, In-App Events have the potential to supercharge your app marketing efforts.

  • They appear in the search results and recommendation section. This allows you to reach more people. Your event card may show up when people search for related apps. Indeed, they may most likely come upon your event when they open App Store and see the Today tab first.
  • You simply need to produce top-notch content for your target audience in the form of an in-app event. And then, watch how your event boosts your installs because anyone who is interested in or wants to attend your event has to download your app first.
  • It goes without saying that you want to drive new users to your app. You should keep in mind those who have already downloaded your app, though. You need to engage with them so that they continue to use your app. They are a great way to stick your app in users’ minds and make them return to your app for more.

Key Takeaways

In-App Events give you a great opportunity to boost your user acquisition, engagement, and awareness. With MobileAction, you can now:

  • Analyze your competitors’ in-app event strategies to build or fine-tune your own.
  • Discover the events which are frequently utilized in your category.
  • Keep an eye on seasonal app marketing trends.

by Hazel Kucuk