Discover Your Competitors’ In-App Events with MobileAction!

In-App Events are now a significant part of the new App Store mobile user acquisition framework since they can impact your user engagement rates and improve your ASO game.

We are thrilled to announce that we have launched a new feature for discovering In-App Events that will help you thrive in the new App Store. You can now track your in-app events and discover in-app events created by your competitors through MobileAction!

Why In-App Events are Crucial for ASO

In-App Events are one of the new features that came with iOS15 that allow you to promote events within your app or game. With this feature, you can reach out to new and current users as well as users who previously used your app by organizing timely events such as challenges, Livestream experiences, and more.

Your In-App Events appear on the App Store as event cards that include images or video, the name of the event, a short description, and a badge, as in the example below.


It is easy to see that running In-App Events can boost your mobile strategy in a number of ways.

1- New Users: First, you will have increased visibility in the search results as your cards can appear in this section (as the event name and short description are indexed by the search algorithm). So, you can make your application visible to Kevin who is looking for a new app to download in the search results or in the editorial sections such as the Apps or Games tab.

2- Lapsed Users: As your event might appear in the recommendations section, this is a great opportunity to present your app to Michael, who downloaded your app some time ago but has not interacted with it (or just deleted it).

3- Active Users: Finally, this feature is a great way to re-engage with Sally, who uses your app every now and then, but might not be aware of the amazing new features that came with the last update. Event cards can also appear on the App Store widget on the iPhone, which is yet another way to connect with your active user base.

It is clear that in-app events brought many new opportunities for App marketers. Conducting competitor analysis might be the best way to step in and start experimenting with this promising new feature.

Thrive in the New App Store with MobileAction’s In-App Events Intelligence

Considering it’s only been a few months since the release of this feature in the App Store, it is difficult to implement it in your mobile marketing strategy without competitor intelligence. Once you define a set of relevant competitors, all you need to do is to go to the App Report section under App Intelligence. You can instantly discover expired, ongoing, and scheduled events of your competitor and analyze how they are building their strategy.

With MobileAction, now you can:

  • See how often and for how long your competitors are running In-App Events
  • If your competitors are engaging in seasonal app marketing with this feature to increase engagement
  • What kind of creatives and visuals they use (it is not allowed to add text to your in-app so visuals are even more important)
  • What kind of events are frequently preferred in your category.
  • See how your competitors are shaping their In-App Event strategy for different regions.

In-App Events ı

As you can see, gaming apps are already heavily utilizing this new feature, as it is a great opportunity to increase user engagement & visibility. While Call Duty Mobile is trying out New Season and Special Event cards, Royal Match by Dream Games is utilizing Major Update and Challenge type of events.

You can also see scheduled in-app events through our dashboard. Publishers can place make their in-app events visible up to 14 days before the start date. This is a great way to build expectations and increase participation in your event.

In-App Events II

As you can see, Hulu has made an in-app event available for the premiere of The Dropout to build some hype. As the link to your in-app event can be shared outside of the App Store as well, you can direct traffic from other channels to your app.

Dominate the App Store with MobileAction

In-App events are a great opportunity to boost user engagement and acquisition. With MobileAction’s coverage, you can easily:

  • Watch out for seasonal app marketing trends
  • Observe the frequency and duration of your competitors’ events
  • See the types of events that are used the most in your category
  • Analyze the in-app event strategy of your competitor to start building your own.

by Talip Sencan