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Transfer your website to Android and iOS apps and take your web presence to the next level.

Transforming Websites
Into Powerful Mobile Apps

Our website-to-mobile app conversion service is designed to help businesses and individuals take their online presence to the next level. We specialize in converting websites into fully-functional mobile apps for iOS and Android devices.


Easy App Creation
With No Coding Required

Our process is simple and efficient, and we do not require any client coding experience. We use a user-friendly drag-and-drop interface and pre-built templates to create an app that looks and functions like your website.

Create Tailor-Made Apps
That Exceed Expectations

Our team of experts will work closely with you to ensure that the final product meets your specific needs and exceeds your expectations. We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality mobile apps that are functional and visually appealing.


We are compatible with the following platforms:

The Top 10 Benefits

Convert a Website into a Mobile App with MakeOwn.App

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Improved User Experience

Mobile apps are designed specifically for mobile devices, offering a better user experience than websites accessed on mobile browsers. Mobile apps also allow users to access your content offline and can provide faster loading times.

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Increased Accessibility

A mobile app is easily downloaded and installed on devices, providing better accessibility than a mobile website. It offers offline access, optimized performance, and utilizes device-specific features for an enhanced user experience.

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Better Monetization Opportunities

A mobile app can offer more monetization opportunities than a website. For example, you can offer in-app purchases or subscriptions, or you can display ads within the app.

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Enhanced Security

A mobile app prioritizes user security by implementing secure logins and other protective measures. These security features ensure the protection of sensitive data and transactions, instilling confidence in users and safeguarding their privacy.

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Increased Retention

Mobile apps boost customer retention by offering a convenient and personalized experience. With easy access and tailored content, users are encouraged to engage with the app regularly, fostering loyalty and long-term usage.

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Increased Engagement

Mobile apps can provide features such as push notifications, increasing engagement with your audience. You can use push notifications to notify users of new content, special offers, or other important information.

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Offline Functionality

Apps work offline, enabling users to access content without internet access. This feature ensures uninterrupted access to app features and services, enhancing user satisfaction and retention. It also allows offline content sharing, expanding app reach.

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Improved Brand Recognition

A mobile app can help establish your brand and increase recognition among your audience. An app can be a powerful marketing tool and help differentiate you from your competitors.

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Better Analytics

Mobile apps offer advanced analytics and tracking capabilities, providing detailed insights into user behavior and preferences. This data helps you make informed decisions to optimize your app's performance and enhance user experiences.

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Increased Reach

An app enables you to reach a significantly broader audience, as a substantial number of users prefer apps over mobile websites. This preference for apps translates into an increased opportunity to connect with a larger user base and expand your reach.

More Than 10,000 Successful Mobile Apps Made.

Frequently Asked Questions

MakeOwn.App's Website to App service utilizes specialized tools or platforms that transform the website's code and design into a mobile application format. The service involves extracting and adapting website content, optimizing it for mobile devices, and packaging it as a standalone app.

Yes, MakeOwn.App's Website to App service provides compatibility with both Android and iOS devices. The converted app can be published on Google Play Store and the Apple App Store.

Yes, MakeOwn.App's Website to App service offers customization options for the design and layout of the converted app. You have the ability to choose colors, fonts, icons, and rearrange elements to create a personalized app.

MakeOwn.App aims to replicate the functionality of the original website as closely as possible. However, some features may need to be adapted or optimized for a mobile environment. It's recommended to review MakeOwn.App's documentation or contact their support team for specific details on functionality.

Converting a website into an app using MakeOwn.App's service offers several benefits, such as improved user experience through native app features, offline access to content, push notifications, access to device functionalities, and increased brand visibility on app stores. This provides a more engaging and personalized experience for app users compared to using a mobile-responsive website design.

Yes, MakeOwn.App's Website to App service supports publishing the converted app on app stores like Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. This allows your app to reach a wider audience.

MakeOwn.App may have certain limitations on the size or complexity of the website that can be converted. It is recommended to consult MakeOwn.App's documentation or contact their support team to understand any limitations that may exist.

MakeOwn.App provides various support options, including online documentation, knowledge bases, FAQs, email support, or live chat support. It is recommended to explore MakeOwn.App's website or contact their support team for specific support options.

Yes, you can make updates or changes to the converted app after it has been published using MakeOwn.App's service. MakeOwn.App provides tools to help you update and manage the app's content, features, and design.

Yes, in most cases, you can monetize the converted app created using MakeOwn.App's service. You can display advertisements, offer in-app purchases, or implement subscription models to generate revenue. MakeOwn.App provides options to integrate monetization into the app.