How to promote art and design apps

Do you have an app idea for a new art or design related app? Or are you looking to promote your existing art and design app? If so, some simple steps will help get the word out about your product. Whether it’s promoting on social media, blogs, or other digital marketing strategies, these tips can help give you the exposure you need to reach your target audience.

Business Model

Even though art and design apps have a separate category on Google Play Store, but you can find them in other places in the app store. Perhaps this is why Apple App Store doesn’t have a dedicated section for art and design apps.

Art and design apps are a bit confusing as well when it comes to classifying them. Suppose an app teaches people about art or creativity; you can also view such apps in the Education or Reference category.

Artists who want to show their creative work and art stuff to others might use a social networking app. And if users want to make interesting images, there are many apps in Photo And Video category. And all of these apps are related to art and design.

The point here is that you will find them everywhere. The category title is not essential. But you have to monetize your app. The key to finding the perfect business model is to observe users and their preferences.

You need to determine whether or not your users will pay for the app? Or, is it better for your app to list it in the free section rather than listing them in the premium options? This is your decision.

Top tips to Promote Art And Design Apps

So are you ready for some best ways to present your creation to the world?

Effective Marketing Begins With a High-Quality App

Before we show you marketing and advertising strategies, remember that marketing or promotion always starts with a top-class app that fulfills a need in the marketplace.

If your app is not up to the standards or doesn’t meet users’ needs, it can be difficult to get the desired results. Similarly, no marketing strategy can help you in this case, regardless of how much you promote your mobile application.

Once users download a low-quality app, they will quickly figure out that the app doesn’t meet their needs and avoid using it.

…and some will leave a negative review.

Of course, you need a perfect balance between developing a great mobile app and actually shipping features. But your main goal should always be happy users. Otherwise, these promotional strategies won’t work.

Features, Tools, and Functions

Like working on real canvases, creative artists and designers need all the things to create their work of art in your app. The first and most important aspect of the art and design app is to provide all the essential features to the artist. No one will speak about your app if it doesn’t have some of the necessary tools and features.

In the end, why will users download your mobile app when they can get the same tool in other apps? You need to create an app that keeps them engaged and provides them necessary as well as something unique and valuable that makes their tasks easier.

At the same time, you need to ensure that everything remains simple to use and intuitive. It is useless to fill your app with complicated features and functions. If possible, create tutorials about the app’s functions to assist users in using them.

Lastly, always remain open to new suggestions and add more features if your users demand. The best example of this case is Infinite Painter, which has many tools to convert an amateur into a professional artist.

Creativity is a Key

Creativity is the key element in art and designing. So, sometimes you will have to rely on your imagination to increase or improve the visibility of your mobile app. As a creator, find new ways to connect with your audience. You have the power of art in your hands, and you must use every chance at communicating effectively.

Think about all those times when people were drawn into an app or story because they wanted more than just text-based content; graphics can really reel them in sometimes. So let them know what kind of content they prefer the most.

Keep in mind that everyone can draw art. So don’t think that only professionals will use your app. Quite often, we all grab a pen and start drawing just for fun. This is also applicable to your users.

Sometimes all they need is an easy-to-use mobile app that allows them or assists them in making spectacular things.

As an example, we will recommend you to see the PaperDraw app. It allows users to draw various things like they are drawing on paper without any complications.

App’s Design

When it comes to the app’s design, ensure that your app has a simple-to-use interface. Similarly, ensure that your app is free of bugs and glitches. If it has any problem, rectify that before launching the app for the public. You cannot make your app a successful one if it freezes in front of people.

Communicate with other artists and find which tools are essential for an art and design app. After that, simplify your app and remove all the useless features.

The success of any app depends on the user experience. Think about Canva and how it became a household name. The app was designed most simply and ensured that users get all the necessary features and tools in one place. And when you look closely, this is the main purpose of the mobile app; to make our lives manageable and more enjoyable.

Your app should enable users to arrange their work quickly and smartly. In this way, users will only focus on their drawings and art, not how your app functions. A simple interface assures users that your mobile app is what they need.

For example, analyze SketchBook, which allows people to draw anytime and anywhere.


It is great for artists and creative people to have smart tools to create stunning paintings. Most art and design apps allow creative artist to use their imagination. Similarly, most apps have a social element inside them. This strategy is common today in art and design apps.

A community where people can express their feelings through art is the secret to an awesome mobile app. Offer your target audience the opportunity to display their work to the world. It makes a massive difference knowing that a community will admire their work after they finish their drawings.

On the other hand, providing them a viable place to display their talent encourages and motivates them to use your art and design app. This exact idea is being followed by Ibis Paint X, where people can record their drawings and share the video with others.

Use Paid Advertising

Perhaps, paid advertising is the first thing that pops up in our minds when promoting an art and design app. Most ad networks provide valuable user demographic data and allow you to find an ideal audience.

Paid advertising is the most effective and practical method to promote your art and design app. Furthermore, the results will be quicker, and progress will be easier to track. However, sometimes it can be costly. Therefore, it is recommended to adopt both paid advertising methods and traditional app promotion strategies together.

Create a Strategy for Social Media Marketing

Before promoting your art and design app on social media, ensure that you have a workable strategy. Suppose you don’t have specific and defined goals before the promotion. In that case, it becomes tough to track your app’s performance, and you cannot identify the areas which need improvement or aren’t delivering satisfactory results.

This is why you must consider creating a social media marketing strategy to promote your art and design app. When it comes to social media advertising, you have plenty of options.

However, you should ask yourself simple questions such as want to achieve from your app’s promotion campaign, what type of people you want to approach, and which platforms will be more suitable for the promotion.

Get Your Followers to Promote Your App

One of the essential parts of social media strategy is getting your followers on board and helping promote you. You can do this in many ways, like a peer-to-peer promotion or asking others for their opinions.

You can do various activities on your social media pages and profiles to get people talking about your creation. For example, you can offer free products and rewards to the users who take part in the contest by writing a post that mentions your product on any social media platform such as Facebook.

Your users and followers can do wonders for your app’s promotion if you know how to engage them. Besides, most users remain active on various platforms to promote your app on multiple channels if they like the app.

Cross-Promote With Others

So, a straightforward way to get some promotion for your app is to cross-promote your mobile app with other like-minded businesses. Many other app owners out there want to promote their app, and they will probably be facing the same challenges as you are facing. So you can work with those owners and developers and get the benefits.

The process looks easy and straightforward, but it demands your vigilance and attentiveness. This is because things can go against you in no time. Here we will advise you to proceed with the things through an agreement.

On the other hand, if everything goes smoothly and as planned, both parties will get the desired results and more user engagement. Furthermore, this promotional app strategy is also suitable for App publishers with multiple or many related apps and benefit from cross-promotion.

Similarly, cross-promotion of the app saves your time and effort. This is because no need to promote your art and design application from scratch after launching it. Similarly, you can also utilize cross-promotion to leverage your current user base and get organic traffic to your new art and design app.

Don’t Forget To Track Your Progress With Analytics Tools.

If you want to know if your social media promotions are working well, check out Facebook Insights and Instagram Analytics. You can find out things like how many views each of the posts attract as well as who clicked on them from a list with countries broken down by continent or state in America (for those locations).

By comparing the progress of your posts and social media advertising strategies, you can get a clear sense of which one is more effective than others. Third-party analytics tools go even further than the built-in features of Facebook and Instagram.

A lot can be learned from studying your competitors, so why not use this time to get an edge on them? There’s no need for worry when you access and use these fantastic third-party analytic programs.

Final Thoughts

Finally, it comes down to what works best for you and your app. It is not enough to have a great app idea; you need the right tools and inspiration. There are many different ways of promoting art and design apps.

Above, we have highlighted some of the best to promote art and design apps; just keep these points in mind and enjoy the success!
by Yunus
source: AppSamurai