Influencer Performance Marketing Campaigns Explained

AppSamurai has dedicated itself to availing the best forms of user acquisition to its users, the newest addition to its inventory: Influencer Performance Marketing. A form of acquiring users that has been molded from the ever-evolving media consumption habits of boomers, millennials and Gen Z’s.

With this new format, advertisers are able to enhance their marketing strategies in a way that enhances user acquisition, awareness and return on ad spend in a more streamlined and cost-effective manner.

What is Influencer Performance Marketing (IPM)?

Not to be mistaken with the branding version of influencer marketing which focuses on building brand awareness, influencer performance marketing aims to enhance app user acquisition. The same way one would provide a DSP (demand side platform) with an attribution tool’s tracking URL, influencers are provided with trackers and creatives which they then integrate into their content or profile information and distribute via explore pages.

Influencer performance marketing (IPM) has been made possible by hundreds of thousands of influencers from different specialized social media platforms, such as Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat. By creating IPM campaigns, you will be able to reach millions of users from these platforms. Given that this style of advertising is performance-based, the pricing behind it resembles performance campaigns as well; in an influencer performance marketing campaign, you only pay per install (CPI).

Benefits of IPM

Organic Uplift

Historic campaign data has proven that advertisers that promote their apps via IPM campaigns only end up paying for 70% of their total acquired users.

A comprehensive study has compared an IPM’s campaign’s effects with the level of organic downloads within a specific cohort. It has gone to show that 30% of users who viewed the IPM-advertised app did not click on the link provided by the influencer. Instead, they went straight to the app’s store page and downloaded it directly; this will result in a direct organic uplift and one more discreet benefit as well.

ROAS Positive

Based on the aforementioned fact, not only does this mean that you can boost your organic downloads and enhance your visibility to prospective customers, but you also end up getting a 30% natural discount every time you launch an IPM campaign. Meaning, you are far more likely to earn a positive return on your ad spend with this method of advertising.

Brand Awareness

While IPM does focus on performance-based marketing, it cannot be denied that this is a form of viral marketing. Given that, it can be expected that the followers of the influencers that promote your app are bound to hear about it, and even discuss it amongst their communities.

Specific Audiences

Reach a vast audience that comprises of:

  • A majority of iOS users (more than 60%),
  • Users in tier 1 countries like the US (90% of IPM traffic comes from tier 1),
  • Users ages 13 to 24.

Influencers are able to select which app ads to promote based on their themes and/or followers’ demographics. Hence, there is always a high rate of campaign efficiency and effectiveness to IPM campaigns.

Price Efficiency

Unlike the ineffective and unscalable traditional methods of influencer marketing, IPM’s cost model is solely cost per install (CPI). As a result, advertisers need only pay for the users they acquire, instead of impressions or clicks (whether or not they result in an install).

What You’ll Need for an IPM Campaign

This section of the guide will cover what all you will need in order to run a successful influencer performance marketing campaign.

GEO Setting

You will need to have your app available in a wide berth of GEO’s. Given the viral nature of IPM campaigns, users who follow influencers may not be from the same country but should be able to download the app regardless.

OS Setting

Your app will need to be present on IOS & Android devices. The one-link that influencers will give their users should allow them to install your app irrespective of which OS they are using.


For this mobile marketing campaign, there is great flexibility on the creatives that can be used. You can provide still images and videos as well as your app icon. It is recommended to upload all your creatives so that influencers can distribute them within their content (landscape & portrait) and social media “Explore” pages as well.

Influencer Performance Marketing Budget

In order to launch an Influencer Performance Campaign with AppSamurai, you will need a minimum budget allocation of $5,000 USD.


With the fast-changing AdTech environment, with more and more players entering the fray, it’s becoming more important to stand out of the crowd. Influencer performance marketing meshes the boosting nature of rewarded engagements with the high quality users of performance-based user acquisition, making it the perfect must-have in advertisers’ strategies.
by Akbar
source: AppSamurai