Blog 8 days ago
Mobile marketing: paid growth strategies for grocery apps

The pandemic has greatly changed our shopping habits. During this time, food delivery apps quickly became one of the most in-demand types of applications. As a result, their mobile marketing strategies also became crowd-pulling. It also helps that they’re not only providing a real shopping experience but also quick delivery as well. The convenience of […]

Blog 10 days ago
How to promote event apps

Event apps are not new and have been around for a while now, but it has only been that they have really taken off in the past few years. Event apps are a great way to get your event buzz going, but they can be challenging to promote. Luckily, there are many appropriate ways that […]

Blog 15 days ago
How to promote productivity apps

Time management and efficiency remain the biggest concern for almost all of us and on a daily basis. There are many day-to-day tasks that we don’t perform by ourselves; thanks to the evolution of technology, we have various tools, machines, and above all, mobile apps that do all things on our behalf. But we still […]

Blog 17 days ago
How to promote entertainment apps

Most of us like to use Google Play Store or Apple’s app store because of two reasons. The first one is when we are stuck in any problem and need an immediate and reliable solution. While the second reason is when we are suffering from boredom and want to occupy our spare time. In that […]

Blog 24 days ago
10 great ways to promote paid mobile apps

According to a Semrush analysis of the existing blog post, the following SEO keywords are worth optimizing for: how to find advertisers for your app best way to advertise mobile app how to promote paid mobile apps promoting paid mobile apps 10 Great Ways to Promote Paid Mobile Apps After developing an app, developers often […]

Blog 31 days ago
New app store policies and why they are important

We all know that the App Store is a bit more strict compared to other platforms such as Google Play. While this is regarded as over-controlling by many, some people hold the belief that strict rules are the only way to maintain an optimal user experience. With a new Apple settlement between developers and the […]

Blog 38 days ago
How to use influencer marketing for mobile apps

As a mobile app owner, you want to let the world know about your new app in the best way possible. So, chances are you might be looking for new and effective marketing strategies that walk you through the most popular channels and promote your app in front of others. Have you ever heard of […]

Blog 43 days ago
How to promote parenting apps

Gradually, the trends are changing as the world is transforming digitally. In the present technological era, lives are becoming easier due to the growing technology. Parenting which is a tough phase of life, has now become comparatively simpler. Previously, new parents would actually look for advice from their elders, but what if somebody has no […]

Blog 57 days ago
Uncover your competitor’s creative sets in seconds

App Advertising is a tough business. App marketers use various distribution channels, spend tons of money, and hope to become visible to prospective customers. Our Ad Intelligence data shows that the top advertising apps sometimes use up to 15 different user acquisition channels to drive more traffic to their app listing pages. Such marketing networks include traditional […]

Blog 60 days ago
7 tips to get your app featured on the Apple App Store

Getting featured on the Apple App Store can help improve your visibility and increase your downloads. But how do you stand out from the thousands of apps that are published on the App Store every month? Why should your app be featured instead of the other hundreds of apps? One way to take your place amongst […]