Developer 11 hours ago
How to build an app gamification strategy for mobile user acquisition & retention

All of your mobile user acquisition efforts might be wasted if you can’t manage to maintain your user base. For this matter, app Gamification Strategy is an important subject that you should consider for better user engagement. StriveCloud’s research shows that it actually increases user retention by %500. Who wouldn’t want to quintuple their retention rate, right? So, […]

Developer 21 days ago
What is app conversion rate optimization and how to improve CRO?

One of the keys to a successful app is good conversion rate optimization (CRO), which leads to high conversion rates as people convert from prospects to loyal users and customers. However, it’s important to know what app conversion optimization entails and how to improve it to get the most from it. In this guide, we’ll […]

Developer 56 days ago
App marketing tips for black Friday & cyber Monday

The holiday season is almost here. And as app marketers, we have to get ready before the storm. The discount days are eagerly awaited by shopping enthusiasts.”Black Friday”, which has been accepted as the beginning of the New Year’s shopping season since 1932, first started in the USA. In the shopping festival, which then spread […]

Developer 85 days ago
A guide to black friday marketing strategies for mobile apps

Black Friday remains one of the best holidays for businesses, with plenty of opportunities to promote their products and services and boost sales. The same goes for mobile app developers, who can promote their apps in creative ways while encouraging more downloads and in-app purchases. Advertising in the days leading up to and on Black Friday […]

Developer 118 days ago
How to develop mobile apps more effectively

You want to develop a mobile app and create one that users won’t abandon after using it once. In 2019, 25% of users left apps after one use, and only 32% of users are still around after opening ten sessions. You don’t want your app to be a casualty of these stats, so you need to figure […]

Developer 132 days ago
7 clever ways to increase your mobile app

Today’s technological innovations have made it almost entirely unnecessary for people to step outside of their homes. Smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices keep people consistently occupied and entertained. In the process, mobile apps have begun replacing many traditional outdoor games, from badminton and cricket to soccer and other backyard sports. At the same time, […]

Developer 141 days ago
Boost your app’s rankings with keyword optimization

So, you prepared a killer keyword list through competitor analysis and now it has come to targeting those keywords. You are very close to taking your App Store Optimization strategy to the next level. But wait… how many of your selected keywords are you targeting in your new title? Are any of them overlapping? Or perhaps you’ve […]

Developer 146 days ago
How to promote book apps

Reading is a culture that, even though threatened, will never die. Whether for leisure, educational, spiritual, or personal development purposes, people will always find a need for books. Several people will argue that nothing beats the feeling of holding a physical book, flipping its papers, and perceiving that distinctive book smell that draws you further […]