Developer 22 days ago
How to develop mobile apps more effectively

You want to develop a mobile app and create one that users won’t abandon after using it once. In 2019, 25% of users left apps after one use, and only 32% of users are still around after opening ten sessions. You don’t want your app to be a casualty of these stats, so you need to figure […]

Developer 37 days ago
7 clever ways to increase your mobile app

Today’s technological innovations have made it almost entirely unnecessary for people to step outside of their homes. Smartphones, tablets, and other electronic devices keep people consistently occupied and entertained. In the process, mobile apps have begun replacing many traditional outdoor games, from badminton and cricket to soccer and other backyard sports. At the same time, […]

Developer 45 days ago
Boost your app’s rankings with keyword optimization

So, you prepared a killer keyword list through competitor analysis and now it has come to targeting those keywords. You are very close to taking your App Store Optimization strategy to the next level. But wait… how many of your selected keywords are you targeting in your new title? Are any of them overlapping? Or perhaps you’ve […]

Developer 50 days ago
How to promote book apps

Reading is a culture that, even though threatened, will never die. Whether for leisure, educational, spiritual, or personal development purposes, people will always find a need for books. Several people will argue that nothing beats the feeling of holding a physical book, flipping its papers, and perceiving that distinctive book smell that draws you further […]

Developer 53 days ago
Short tail: what is it and what are its impacts in app optimization

Short tail keywords are general terms with high search volume. When optimizing apps or contents for the web, the resource of using keywords from the brand universe is a great starting point to establish a marketing strategy. An example is a shopping app that commercializes female clothing. In its description, words like “feminine clothes”, “buying clothes”, […]

Blog Developer 67 days ago
What is App Store Optimization and how to grow your app with it

Let’s dive right in by asking what is App Store Optimization. App Store Optimization is a two-step process that aims to increase the visibility of your app as well as your Conversion Rates by a set of different practices. App Store Optimization has a quite wide scope and requires know-how in different areas. For example, you need […]

Blog Developer 71 days ago
Mobile app engagement and retention: Creating addicting apps

We all know that creating an app is as difficult as it gets. However, creating mobile app engagement and retention for your app might be even more difficult. First of all, mobile App markets are incredibly competitive. Data shows that currently there are almost 3.5 million apps in Google Play Store and over 2.2 million […]

Blog Developer 72 days ago
How to make money through mobile app development?

A mobile app can generate billions of dollars a year, but few apps finally reach that number. A surprising number of mobile apps end up making no profit at all. Hence, it is impossible to come up with a generic bat number. The following article explains if you are thinking about app development and don’t […]