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Apps An Integral Part Of Modern Technology

Apps, short for applications, have become an integral part of modern technology. These small software programs can be downloaded and installed on smartphones, tablets, and computers, and are designed to perform specific tasks. From social media and gaming to productivity and finance, there is an app for almost everything. The first apps were created for […]

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Stay To The Top Of Your Competitors With In-App Events

We proudly announce that with MobileAction you can now track both live and ended in-app events in your category on a single page! Simply go to App Intelligence and click on the In-App Events. To customize your research, you can filter in-app events by category, country, and date. What are In-App Events? They are timely […]

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An Intro To DSPs And Why You Need Them

Paid advertising is important for promoting an app, but the process of finding publishers for ads can be daunting and inefficient. Instead, you can use demand-side platforms (DSPs) to automate this process. In turn, you can spend less time searching for publishers and spend more time on other important matters. At the same time, you […]

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OEM: How A Pre-Install Campaign Can Help Your Brand Image

When promoting your app and brand, you need to innovate with effective marketing strategies that get you in front of audiences. One of the best ways to do so is to use OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or pre-install campaigns, which can go a long way in building your brand image. These campaigns are unique and […]

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8 Rewarded Campaign Strategies That Backfire On Long-Term Customer Growth

Rewarded ad campaigns can be a great way to increase user engagement and retention, but you must use these campaigns the right way. Rewarded campaigns offer numerous benefits when properly implemented. However, they can easily backfire if you don’t follow the best practices in place for them. If you use the wrong strategies, you might […]

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Finding your target brand audience

For retail-based businesses and others, it’s important to have a deep understanding of a specific target audience. Without identifying your target brand audience, companies are likely to create more generic advertising and marketing campaigns that don’t resonate with prospects. If you can take the time to learn about who your audience is and what they […]

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Your guide to creating a brand persona

One of the fundamental elements of a successful business is a clear brand persona. While a business can succeed to some extent with hard-working employees, top-quality products and services, and an overall enjoyable customer experience, your brand must have a defined identity. Otherwise, people will struggle to understand and recall what your brand is all […]